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Medical Books

The following books are published by Hesperian Press. All prices are in U.S. funds. Many other languages are available on a special order basis. Please contact us at sales@researchonline.net if you are looking for another language not included here. Shipping is not included in the prices below.

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    Where There Is No Doctor - English - US$20.00

    Kote ki pa gen doktè - Creole - US$35.00

    Donde no hay doctor - Spanish - US$20.00

    Helping Health Workers Learn US$20.00

    Aprendiendo a promover la salud US$20.00

    Where There Is No Dentist US$12.00

    Disabled Village Children US$25.00

    El niño campesino dishabilitado US$25.00

    Where Women Have No Doctor US$20.00

    Donde no doctor para mujeres US$20.00

    A Book for Midwives US$25.00

    Un libro para parteras US$25.00

    Helping Children Who Are Blind US$12.00

    Ayudar a los niños ciegos US$12.00

    Helping Children Who Are Deaf US$12.00
    (not yet available in Spanish)

    HIV, Health and Your Community US$16.00
    (not yet available in Spanish)






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