First Steps with Computers - Premye Etap Avčk Yon Ňdinate

Premye Etap Avčk Yon Ňdinate
(First Steps With Computers)

Publisher: Eastern Digital Resources

In today's competitive business environment, knowledge of computers can be one of your greatest assets.

Pwof Ansanm(www.pwofansanm.org) presents Premye Etap Avčk Yon Ňdinate (First Step With Computers), the first Computer Training Manual in the Haitian Language.

This training course consists of 10 lessons:

  • Introduction to Computers and your Computer Desktop
  • Basic Computer Operations
  • Using Microsoft Word to Create and Manage Documents
  • Introduction to Word
  • Word Utilities and Features
  • Using Microsoft Excel for Number Crunching
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Excel Features and Functions
  • Exploring the Internet Using Internet Explorer
  • How to Manage Email Using both Web Based Systems and Outlook

  • Appendices include a glossary of Computer terms in Kreyňl and English and an extensive list of sites on the Internet with Haitian news and educational resources.

    Premye Etap Avčk Yon Ňdinate is the result of teamwork, the voluntary contributions of Haitian and American educators, in development for 8 years. Final editing was done by Emmanuel Včdrine, Emily Miksic, and Jean Aupont following field testing in Jčrčmie, Haiti as part of the teacher training course provided by Pwof Ansanm.

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    Premye Etap Avčk Yon Ňdinate
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