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Sanitation & Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment

Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment
Asenisman ak Pwopwete Pou Yon Anviw˛nman Sen
Author: Jeff Conant

Publisher: The Hesperian Foundation

This book addresses the different sanitation and hygiene needs of women and men. It gives communities information about how significant sanitation improvements can be made by better use of indigenous skills and local resources. Communities are offered a choice of affordable, safe, and environmentally sound sanitation alternatives. This book is designed to stimulate communities to take charge of their sanitation development for a better life.

Keeping clean and disposing of waste are necessary for good health. If waste is not taken care of in a safe way, it can pollute the environment and cause serious health problems, such as diarrhea, worms, cholera, and bladder infections. Many of these problems can be prevented through:

  • personal cleanliness (hygiene) Ś washing hands, bathing, and wearing clean clothes.

  • public cleanliness (sanitation) Ś using clean and safe toilets, keeping water sources clean, and disposing of garbage safely.

  • This book has information about both personal and public cleanliness including instructions on how to build safe toilets. All of the toilets described in this chapter will dispose of human waste so it does not cause health problems. Some of the toilets have the added benefit of turning this waste into fertilizer for farmers to use in their fields.

    Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment is now available in English, Krey˛l, Spanish, and French.

    48 pgs.

    Promoting sanitation
    What people want from toilets
    How does poor sanitation lead to health problems?
    Diarrhea and dehydration
    Hand-washing with soap and water
    Community education activity: Preventing diarrhea
    Planning for sanitation
    Drawing for discussion: Threats to good health
    Women and men have different sanitation needs
    Community discussion activity: Removing the barriers to sanitation for women
    Access for disabled children and adults
    Sanitation for childrenĺs health
    Sanitation for cities and towns
    Sanitation for emergencies
    Toilet choices
    Closed pit toilets
    Ventilated improved toilets (VIP)
    Ecological toilets
    Simple compost toilet for tree planting
    2 pit compost toilet
    Urine-diverting dry toilets
    Urine fertilizer
    Pour-flush pit toilets
    Community education activity: Sanitation steps to healthy communities
    List of difficult words

    & Spanish
    Plus Krey˛l


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