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The Essential Haiti Traveler
Publisher: Eastern Digital Resources

If you are planning a trip to Haiti this book will be an indispensable tool.

I was working on this book prior to the earthquake which ravaged the country on January 12th. I have updated and checked the contacts listed and now offer this volume as a tool to the thousands of relief organizations and individuals who are going to Haiti.

The Essential Haiti Traveler is a handy pocket size with 122 pages.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be used for water purification projects in Haiti.

Corrections, suggestions and additions should be directed to John Rigdon (Jrigdon@ngohaiti.com).

Tips on Travel to Haiti

  • Getting There

        Flying into the Dominican Republic
           Airports with contact info.
            Commercial Carriers flying into the D.R.
        Airports in Haiti
           Entry Documents
        Ports in Haiti
            (Contact information, GPS locations, harbor facilities)

  • Your Stay in Haiti

        Driving and Local Transportation
        Tipping and Hotel taxes
        Telephone service
        Internet access
        Shopping Tips
        Proper clothing

  • Be Prepared

            First Aid, vaccinations, water purification
            Travel Insurance
            Medical Emergencies
                (local and Embassy contacts - procedures for evacuation)
                (contact information and locations served)

            Special Information for Canadian Citizens

            Medical Questions and answers in English, Creole, French, and

  • Hotels and Guest Houses

        (arranged by Department and Town)
            Notes on the status of Hotels in PAP, Petit Goave, Jacmel, and
            Contact information and accomodations - restrictions

  • Tours and Travel Agencies

  • Restaurants

  • The Creole Language

        The Creole Alphabet
        A Guide to Creole Pronunciation
        Differences in Sentence Structure in English and Creole

        Useful words and sentences in English, Creole, French and Spanish

        Days of the Week
        Months of the Year
        Telling Time

    Rigdon, John
    The Essential Haiti Traveler
    Rigdon, John C.
    The Essential Haiti Traveler
    Book / CD Combo

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