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About Haitian Voudou
(A Propos Du Voudou Haitien)

This important book, written in French and Creole addresses the issue of Haitian Voudou from a Christian perspective.

About Voudou

Voodoo ... is not a myth which can be ignored, a mere popular culture that would take the opportunity to teach or practice in schools even in the form of dancing or singing. For their part, the gods of voodoo are far from being mere idols, gods dumb or harmless. Rather, they are real beings, intelligent minds, thirsty for worship and full of malice ...

About Zombies

The individual is "dead" by the effect of magical procedures. Then he is brought out from the dead. This is a "dead-alive," a zombie. This would then produce a change in his status, a physical-mental new situation. He loses all freedom of thought and action or determination. His new life is made of enslavement, being called to work in a garden, in a public office, in a commercial house, etc..

About the Author

The author, Felix Emmanuel, son of an attorney, was born in Fort-Liberté December 9, 1932. He is the author of several books on the Chrisdian life including: Contributing to the Propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Return of Jesus Christ and Living the Grand Commandment. He is also the author of Twelve Bible Course Free Correspondence on the Old and New Testament, available at Radio 4VEH, The Evangelical Voice of Haiti.


About the Author

Biblical Basis of this book


Chapter One: What is Voodoo?

1 - The Formation of Haitian Voodoo
2 - Secret Societies
3 - Characteristics and Goals of Initiation
4 - The Voodoo Definitely a Religion
5 - A religion with its gods, its priests and its temples
6 - The Body of Doctrines of Voodoo
7 - Voodoo, Magic and Witchcraft
8 - Face to Face with the Limbe Bocor
9 - Memoir of a Student

Chapter Two: The Gods of Voodoo
1 - An important distinction
    a - About Zombies
    b - About Demons
    c - The Loa of Voodoo and Saints of the Catholic Church
2 - The Voodoo Gods of Olympus
3 - From the Worship of Idols in General
4 - Satan, the Monkey God

Chapter Three: The Voodoo ceremonies
1 - The opening of a voodoo ceremony
2 - Some of the Cult voodoo ceremonies
   a) Lave Tèt
   b) The Kanzo
   c) The Bouler-Zin
   d) The Ceremony Kase Kanari
3 - The Day I attended a voodoo ceremony
4 - A Child Saved from Justesse
5 - When Things were complicated
6 - Facing the Loa

Chapter Four: The Haitian Voodoo in Society
1 - Voodoo and History
2 - Voodoo and Society
3 - Voodoo and Geographical Area
4 - Voodoo and War
5 - Voodoo and Politics
6 - Voodoo Medicine and
7 - Voodoo and Social Justice
8 - Voodoo and Force
9 - Voodoo and Folklore
10 - Voodoo and Catholicism
11 - Voodoo and Protestantism
12 - Voodoo and Proselytism
13 - Voodoo in Regard of the Act
14 - GLSL - Haiti - Religion - Vodou

Chapter Five: When Voodoo has Missed the Train

Chapter Six: Voodoo Triumphant
1 - Data from a National Symposium Significant
2 - Evaluation of Voodoo
3 - Causes of Voodoo
4 - Promote the circumstances Voodoo
5 - Consequences of Voodoo Cult on the Fate of Haitian People
6 - Remedies to Evil

Chapter Seven: Vis-à-vis the Ancestral Beliefs

Chapter Eight: Voodoo Judged by the Bible

Chapter Nine: 20 Lies Rebuttal of Voodoo

Chapter Ten: How Does Voodoo Reply

Chapter Eleven: Voodoo in Antiquity

Chapter Twelve: On May 15, 2005 in Cap-Haitien
    a. - A report by the agronomist Mike Lawson on the occasion of the World Day of Prayer
    b. - Speech by President of META
    c. - Kontra Lapriyè Kase

Chapter Thirteen: Two Good Decisions to Treat Urgently
    a. - The Only Good Decision to Take Vaudouisants Seriously
    b. - The only big decision by authentic Christians

Appendix I
The Act of April 4, 2003 Aristide on Voodoo

Appendix II
A first model Examinations Theological Seminary Emmaus Vaudreuil (September 2004)

Appendix III
A Second Model Examinations Theological Seminary Emmaus Vaudreuil (October 2005)

Appendix IV
A third model Examinations Emmaus Theological Seminary of Vaudreuil (October 2006)

Appendix V
Évangélisation Individuelle Dynamique: Pour Parler de Jésus à Son Ami (FRENCH)

Appendix VI
Yon Evanjelizasyon k’ap fè sans pou Chak Moun Me Kòman ou Ka Prezante yon Zanmi’w Levanjil(CREOLE)

Appendix VII
Dynamic Individual Evangelism: How to Speak of Jesus To Your Friend (ENGLISH)

Appendix VIII
Individual Evangelismo Dinámico - Como hablar de Jesús A Su Amigo (SPANISH)

Appendix IX
Letter from the President Emeritus of WHO Int'l, Dr. Wesly L. Düwell the author


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