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Current Projects


We are translating the book, Where There Is No Dentist (Kote Ki Pa Gen Dantis pa Murray Dickson) into Creole. Your Help is Needed!


We are working to create a digital library of French and Creole material. This project is in conjuction with the One Laptop Per Child - Haiti http://waveplace.org/locations/haiti/). We need a volunteer who can read FRENCH and / or Creole to scour the internet for Free FRENCH books. Contact Jrigdon@ngohaiti.com


We have a collection of children's stories and books which have already been translated into Creole. We are looking for a volunteer illustrator to draw pictures for these books. Compensation will be based on a royalty on the sale of the books. We are not able to pay up front for this work. Contact Jrigdon@ngohaiti.com


We have two books with translation completed into Creole. These were done in long hand and we need someone to transcribe them into WORD so we can begin the process of improving and testing the translation. Knowledge of Creole is not needed, just the dedication to "type what you see." Once we have the books in digital format, the work of testing and correcting can be passed to a Creole specialist. Contact Jrigdon@ngohaiti.com

  • Bible Study on the Gospel of Matthew

  • A Community Guide to Environmental Health










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