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    A set of 10 Bible Study lessons in Creole are available.

      What is God Like? (part 1)
      Ki jan Bondye ye? (premye pati)

      What is God Like? (part 2)
      Ki jan Bondye ye? (dezyèm pati)

      Where did we come from?
      Ki jan nou te fèt?

      Who is our enemy?
      Ki lemni nou an?

      Who is the promised Savior?
      Kilès ki Sovè Pwomès la?

      Jesus rose from the dead
      Èske Jezi vrèman

      Four Questions
      4 kesyon.

      I can become a child of God.
      Ki jan mwen kapab tounen you pitit Bondye?

      Jesus is coming again!
      Jezi ap vini ankò!

      Four things God wants me to know
      Bondye vle m konnen

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