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Haiti Tools and Resources - Bible Study Tools - Tracts and Brochures - Are You a Good Person?

English - Creole

You may order this tract in Creole. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. Shipping for all except the single copies is $35.00 per order. Please contact us for international shipping.
Are You a Good Person? - Creole 8 page booklet
Single Copies $1.50
250 copies $237.50 (95 cents each)
500 copies $265.00 (53 cents each)
1,000 copies $295.00 (29 cents each)
2,000 copies $335.00 (17 cents each)
5,000 copies $485.00 (10 cents each)
10,000 copies $785.00 (8 cents each)

Are You a Good Person? in English may be ordered here.

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